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Core strengths of the company

To develop new products especially pre and Probiotics, Enzymes based  products, Herbal formulations, Toxin Binders, Acidifier and safe and sustainable pest management program.

Apart from its own brands, Exotic Mushrooms is using the facility for third party manufacturing for many reputed companies. Along with the products, company provides technical assistance for product management.

The company is consistent in developing new ideas  and conduct trials for the validation of the same.

Our objective to work as a third party manufacturer is to offer products which are;

A) Need of the industry
B)  Highly profitable to the marketing company
C) Result oriented to the end user, who is benefited by getting more profits



The firm has strong technical support for planning, developing, marketing new and sustainable ideas to provide solutions for  dairy, poultry and aqua industry.


To offer its world class facility for manufacturing specialty feed additives for Indian and International markets.

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