Nucleo Pro-C

Effective Health & Wellness Restorer

With Right combination of Nucleotides, Probiotics, Vitamin C


Assures Good Health of the bird through various stages. Helps the bird in effectively combating and conquering stress, thus bringing bird back to recovery faster. In chick stage very useful in maintaining body weight guideline by recovering the chicks from vaccination stress. Repairs damaged tissue faster than normal time. Fast recovery at the time of viral attack, disease outbreak and vaccination program.


Each kg contains: Nucleotides, Probiotics, Vitamin C


Carefully mix in the feed all the contents of this bag. Do not leave the bag open after use. Being hygroscopic, prolonged exposure to air may solidify the product

Feeding recommendation

Breeder birds — 1 kg per tonne of feed
Layer birds — 250 to 500 g per tonne of feed
Chicks — 1 kg per tonne of feed for first 14 days

Water soluble dosage
1 gm / ltr. of water

Helps in Fast Recovery, overall focus on bird

health right from vaccination, infection,

heat and productivity stress.

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