An ideal Probiotic feed supplement for livestock, poultry and aqua culture.

exotic-birdSaccharomyces cerevisiae; 5 billion CFU / g

S. cerevisiae in Yeamark produce ethanol and carbon dioxide as metabolites by fermenting a wide range of carbohydrates and sugars like glucose, fructose, mannose, galactose, sucrose,maltose, rafftilose etc. A good source of B vitamins and trace minerals and contains about 50-52% protein

  • Stimulates brush border disaccharides.
  • Provides anti-adhesive effect against pathogens.
  • Stimulates immunity, has antagonistic action against pathogens.
  • Its cellwall is highly effective broad spectrum toxin binder.
  • Has antioxidant properties (removes free radicals from the body).
  • Ameliorates heat stress (maintains production).
  • Digestive stimulation by secretion of nutricines.
  • Balances gut microflora.
  • Keeps gut healthy for maximum absorption of nutrients.
  • Checks mortality, morbidity.
  • Enhances production and profitability.
  • In cows and buffaloes increases the milk yield by 500 ml to 1 litre / day
  • Increases butter fat yield.
  • Improves fibre digestion to get maximum production of VFA’s
  • Increases the supply of microbial protein to duodenum
  • In normal course provides more amino acids to the animal.
  • Due to extra amino acids the cost of bypass protein is saved.
  • Less lactic acid and less methane is produced.
  • Better for ruminal health
  • Improves feed conversion ratio for higher profitability.
  • Builds up immunity against major pathogens.
  • Reduces stress and thus mortality.
  • Increases the length and weight of prawn.
  • Poultry-All the age group of poultry: 250 – 500 g / tonne of feed.
  • Livestock        For Feed: 250 – 500 g / tonne of feed.
    Individual Feeding
    Large Animal: 5 -10 g / day
    Small Animal: 2 – 3 g / day
  • Aqauculture-250 – 500 g / tonne of feed.

17 kg plastic buckets.

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