Integrated Fly Management Program

Effective fly control for Poultry, Livestock and Garbage Dump through IFMP

exotic-bird-50INTEGRATED FLY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME or IFMP is the professional & most effective way to control flies. It integrates all the methods of control – cultural, physical, biological and chemical. These methods have their own order of importance. The cultural methods involve sanitation & moisture management. Physical and mechanical methods make use of traps or physical poisons, while biological methods involve use of parasites & predators. Lastly, chemical methods use larvicides, baits, repellents and adulticides

Long term control over Fly Menace


In order to gain long term control, it is desirable to use cultural and physical methods at initial stages, followed by biological methods. However, many farmers tend to use chemical methods in the beginning, thus aggravating fly menace. So, it is desirable to use cultural, physical, mechanical, biological and chemicals methods of control according to their order of preference as shown in the fly management pyramid.
Among cultural control methods, moisture control is of prime importance.
Mechanical and physical control methods involve collecting of eggs, pupae, incinerating with flame throwers, use of UV traps, pheromone traps, spraying diesel or turpentine on litter or applying limestone powder on the litter.
Though important, biological control methods are not used in India.
Chemical control method is most frequently used by Indian poultry farmers, the reason being rapid control over a short period of time. However, repeated use of this method creates great menace.
This is exactly where the Integrated Fly Management Programme or IFMP comes in as an effective and long lasting tool in the hands of the poultry farmer.
IFMP approaches the problem of flies with a holistic approach and offers a sustainable solution that continues to be effective year after year…
IFMP is a combination of preventive and curative measures taken in right proportion. This is very important since indiscriminate use of harmful insecticide cannot be a solution for containing flies.
The most important preventive measure lies in keeping the farm neat and clean it is essential to check for leakages and repair the same at regular intervals..
The most important preventive measure lies in keeping the farm neat and clean it is essential to check for leakages and repair the same at regular intervals.

Exotic Bio-solutions offers two revolutionary products for effective fly control





Both the products are non-chemical, non-toxic, and of natural origin, consisting of specially processed alumini-silicates. Both EXODUST and FLYEX have physical mode of action.

EXODUST is an animal feed supplement. It keeps the litter dry. As we already know, the eggs of a fly require at least 70 % of moisture content for hatching. With the use of EXODUST, the litter gets drier and drier. Thus EXODUST restrict flies from egg laying. Naturally, fly population at the poultry farm goes down substantially.

EXODUST, being an alumino-silicate works as an effective toxin binder. Therefore, there is no need to add toxin binder to the feed. It also reduces ammonia release from the litter by binding amonical ion.

FLYEX is applied on litter which is very wet. Its anti caking action makes litter dry. Remember that FLYEX has to be applied on the very wet patches regularly.

Both these products are safe, natural and non toxic!

Integrated Fly Management Program [IFMP]

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IFMP program

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