Power of Marine Algal Extracts to improve Milk Production Efficiency
Nutrimark is prepared with marine algal extracts that provide naturally chelated Minerals (Ca, P, Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, I and K) and Vitamins (A, E and C); Sulfonated Polysaccharides, Aryl Polyketides, Flavanoids, Anti – oxidants and other bioactive compounds.
• Improve quality and quantity of VFA production in rumen by controlling the harmful bacteria population in rumen
• Bio active compounds present in Nutrimark with hepato-protective effects help to increase glucose production in liver- the extra energy leads to increased milk yield
• Naturally chelated minerals and vitamins improve metabolic enzyme activity and help to improve SNF and Fat% in milk.
• The aryl polyketide lactones from Marine Algal Extracts have anti-inflammatory effects which helps prevent inflammatory damage in intestine leading to better digestive health and increased nutrient absorption
• Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties: Reduce susceptibility to infections to improve overall health condition of the animals.
A field study compared 38 cows and 71 buffaloes using Nutrimark with 30 non-user cows and 51 non user buffaloes showed that Nutrimark user cows produced 11% more milk compared to control cows; and Nutrimark user buffaloes produced 13% more milk than control – while milk quality (SNF and Fat%) improved in comparison with the control animals. Nutrimark use increased SNF (by 0.14%) and Fat% (by 0.54%) in treated cows; and treated buffaloes also showed increased SNF (by 0.36%) and Fat% (by 1.03%). The dung quality was also improved in treated cows and buffaloes compared to the control animals (measured with fecal consistency score)-which indicates better digestive health in Nutrimark users.
Calves and Small ruminants: 5g/head/day
Adult Cows and buffaloes: 10-15g/head/day
Use in TMR: 0.1% on Dry Matter basis
Use in Compound Feed: 1-1.5Kg/Ton
Available in:
20 Kg & 500 g
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