India's first Animal Feed Supplement made from natural marine algal source from Indian seas

The last two decades have seen improved productivity in the poultry business world-wide. Poultry birds have to undergo a series of selection processes resulting in an improvement in productivity performance. The commercial breeds have been improved with series of selection parameters and genetic improvements like:
1. Feed Conversion Ratio
2. Number of days to achieve marketable weight in broilers.
3. Number of eggs per laying cycle.
4. Feed consumed per egg in layer birds.
5. Number of hatching eggs per breeder bird.
6. Number of chicks per bird i.e.hatch ability / fertility in breeder birds.

As per the production parameters, Feed Conversion Ratio in Broilers have moved from 3.5 to nearly 1.5 now, and layers now consume about 110g/day and lay more than 300 eggs per year compared to 140g/day and 280 eggs per year. While achieving these high levels of performance an intense physiological activity is seen in these birds. This leads to increase in oxidative stress, change in liver function and increased chances of bacterial infections in the GUT.
To maintain the physiological activity level, a high level of nutrient utilisation is necessary. Therefore, effective feed supplements with good bio-availability should be used. The supplements derived from natural sources are known to have good bio-availability.

With a focus to achieve the desired production performance, we at Exotic Biosolutions present an innovative product, NUTRIMARK – a product prepared from tropical seaweeds to enhance poultry productivity.
NUTRIMARK is India’s first Animal Feed Supplement made from natural marine algal source from Indian seas.
Marine algae present in NUTRIMARK provide substances with antimicrobial properties and are rich in antioxidants, trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins etc.
NUTRIMARK provides micro minerals and vitamins of seaweed origin, apart from unique flavonoids and polysaccharides.
Apart from having naturally available macro and micro minerals such as Ca, P, Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, I and K;vitamins A, E and C; the seaweed present in Nutrimark has unique properties such as:
1) Phenolic compounds and alkaloids for Antibacterial activity
2) Sulphated polysaccharides to help in reducing in oxidative liver injury
3) Unique Aryl Polyketide Lactones which help in anti-inflammatory activities
4) Tested ORAC Values (for antioxidant property)


Many studies have shown that tropical seaweeds have antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and they are good immunity boosters. One of the papers states “The presence of phenolics, alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids and saponins etc. in the crude extracts suggest that seaweeds can be used as anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant agents in the near future.” The marine algae present in Nutrimark improve overall health of the bird by increasing immunity, maintaining gut integrity and improving mineral absorption capacity. Due to the presence of minerals, essential amino acids, long chain fatty acids essential for growth, addition of Nutrimark leads to improved weight gain as well as FCR, better meat quality, dressing %, increase hatchability and laying percentage.

The result of using NUTRIMARK can be seen in terms of Broilers: Improved FCR, meat quality and dressing % Layers: Improved egg production and eggshell quality.
Breeders: Increased egg production, hatchability and quality of eggs.
Feeding Recommendations:
1Kg / Ton Feed
Available in:
20 Kg Bags
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