Regular use of LD-STOP, will support all the steps that
the farmer is taking to prevent diarrhea

Poultry faces huge problem of loose dropping /diarrhea. The condition of diarrhea can be seen in chicks, growers, broilers, layers as well as breeder birds at any stage. The farmer takes utmost care to provide right feed, good water, proper sanitation and hygiene to prevent diarrhea or loose droppings. Yet chances remain that diarrhea may occur due to pathogenic infections, heat stress, vaccine stress etc. Due to diarrhea / loose droppings, problems such as weakness, mortality in all ages, lameness, recurrence of diseases, low immunity, high moisture content in litter, increase in ammonia level and fly problems are seen. All of these lead to drop in production and subsequently loss in the profit.
Safeguarding the bird’s health, preventing diarrhea and maintaining intestinal health is essential for avoiding productivity loss.
LD-STOP, is a natural solution to maintain good intestinal health and prevent loose dropping situation. It is a combination of herbs and probiotics.

Kutaja (Holarrhea antidysentrica) is an Indian plant which has been used as an anti-diarrheal remedy for many centuries in India. It has been proven to have anti-diarrheal, anti-microbial and anti-amoebic properties.
Bilva (Aegeles mormolis): Bilva is also known in India as Bael. It is a very effective anti-diarrheal herb. It has a strong antimicrobial property which works against the entero-pathogens. It is used as a preventive antimicrobial to maintain intestinal health.
Saccharomyces boulardii: S. boulardii is a safe probiotic which is very useful in improving gut health. It is also a very effective anti-diarrheal probiotic. It secretes many digestive enzymes. It increases the villi length and the number of IgA positive cells.
LD-STOP also contains some other unique herbal antioxidants which help to prevent the diarrheal condition in birds. Regular use of LD-STOP, will support all the steps that the farmer is taking to prevent diarrhea. Thus, the farmer will not have to face a production loss.

To prevent non-infectious Diarrhea 1Kg
To prevent infectious Diarrhea 2Kg.
Note: The product can be continued with other treatments.

Holarrhena antidysentrica , Aegel marmalos,
Saccharomyces boulardii, anti oxidants, zeolites
1Kg, 5 Kg & 20 Kg
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