Bypass Fly Menace- for layers

exotic-bird-50The issue of fly problem is now getting full[ print and TV ] media attention in poultry dominated belts across the country.There is also strong and negative perception among the surrounding local population regarding poultry farmers in their vicinity who hold them solely responsible for the fly problem.Moreover there is also a lot of confusion and misbelief among poultry farmers concerning effectiveness of fly control measures.The caged layer poultry sector should organize itself and take up responsibility from this strong message and improve by voluntarily adopting the integrated fly management program

In order to maintain long term control of fly populations it is important to utilize a very diversified approach. Flies are able to develop a resistance to almost every chemical measure we use so our long term success is dependent upon using many different fly control methods.Moreover historical data and past experience of many farmers also indicate that no single method or product can provide long lasting fly control.Hence we have designed a novel physical control product caller FLYOVER for caged layer poultry only

Managing poultry manure in such a way that it become unattractive as a breeding site is an effective way to keep the fly population under control.FLYOVER is one such product which makes the litter dry and effectively address the issue of preventing fly breeding when used Regularly in layer feed it works a silent protector by ensuring dry litter which facilitates larval control and less oviposition by flies.It is more effective as  preventive measure and is recommended to be used before fly season begins.Apart from the host of benefits it is also compatible with all the feed ingredients.Use FLYOVER to prevent misfortunes arising due to fly menace and the future threats to the caged -layer farming

1-2 kg per tonne of layer feed

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