Flyex for MSW

A product for reducing fly menace at garbage dump
    • Reduce profits


    • Spread diseases


    • Create unpleasant environment


    • Unhappy neighbours

1. Larval control of all fly species infesting garbage or organic waste.

2. Physical mode of action, hence no development of resistance.

3. Eco-friendly and non-toxic product, safe to natural enemies of flies.

4. Reduction in odour and ammonia in garbage.

1. Lower costs.

2. Long term effectiveness as it interrupts breeding cycle.

3. Reduced health risks (to both birds and humans).

4. Dry pest free compost.

Dosage for Muncipal Solid Waste

1) First application : 5 kg per heap of 50 of fresh garbage

2) Repeat application : Same dose as above after every turning

3) Sprinkle lightly on all surfaces of garbage handling vehicles and machinery.

Fly Problem at Garbage Dump / Municipal Solid Waste


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