Biomark Eppa

Poultry Feed supplement containing essential Enzymes, Prebiotics ,Probiotics with acid base


The basic innovation of EPPA involves biotransformation of natural elements which are embedded in a matrix of microorganisms into bio-active compounds suitable for poultry productivity. It provides performance solutions to poultry industry by incorporating both cutting edge biotechnology and classical veterinary science. It is based on a holistic approach of minimizing disease and boosting nutrition. It has also been designed to minimize the need for antibiotic use and maximize their effectiveness when needed.

What is Biomark Eppa?
  • Limits growth of pathogens
  • Efficiently binds mytoxins
  • Improves faecal consistency
  • Reduces anti nutritional effects
  • Helps in efficient nutrient absorption
  • Checks infectious cause of wet litter
  • Enzyme complex increases NSP digestibility
  • Fatty acid complex improves fat digestibility
Mode of Action

Antibacterial Activity

The novel strain of Bacillus subtilis available in EPPA produces a bacteriocin called subtilin which is effective against wide range of gram negative and gram positive pathogens. Besides antimicrobial compounds, they also produce other antagonistic metabolites which vary in their spectra of activity.

Improved Digestibility
The probiotics in EPPA are also known for their ability to degrade proteins extra-cellularly. The availability of huge quantity of enzymes also allows the bird to obtain higher digestible of the nutrients in feed.

The high concentration of prebiotics and probiotics in EPPA stimulates the non-specific immune response in birds thereby activating all immune defences. Use of EPPA also reinforces the response to vaccination treatment.

Toxin Binding
The betaglucans in EPPA has high affinity and high adsorption capacity to bind all naturally occurring mycotoxins and reduce their ill effects.

Key Benefits

Enhancing feed value

Due to volatility in raw material prices, the focus of farmers is now shifted on innovative formulations that help birds to perform on less digestible feed ingredients. Use of EPPA helps to increase this flexibility in formulating cheaper diets without negative impact on performance. This is due to a novel and relevant combination of xylanase, amylase, cellulase and phytase, which are able to release extra energy from less digestible substrates. As higher levels of cheaper alternative raw material are added to poultry diets, the use of EPPA offers the means of reducing the problem of gut viscosity which is usually linked to the significant amount of non-starch polysacccharides (NSP). Specific enzymes in EPPA combined with optimum dosage help to minimize the cost effectiveness of the feed.

Higher net profits

The poultry industry world over and particularly in India is passing through a phase of uncertainity with cost components reaching critical limits. Inclusion of EPPA helps in ensuring higher net profit per bird and overcoming the scenario of higher chick price, higher feed price, high cost of labour and higher cost of veterinary service and medicine.

Pathogen control and Hygiene

The in vitro studies on strain of B. subtilis were conducted to verify the antibacterial activity against zoonotic strains of E. coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus. The antimicrobial substances of proteinaceous nature produced by B. subtilis have shown maximum zone of inhibition against selected pathogens. A few of these pathogens are also associated with infectious causes of wet litter in layer poultry. EPPA controls this infections, checks loose droppings and is instrumental in raising overall standards of hygiene.

Dear Sir,
I have experimented EPPA on the batch of 4000 birds this month and I am pleased to forward my observations to you


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Ranjit Savarkar

Chirantan Farms, At Chasola Post Tokawade Taluka Murbad, Dist Thane



Dear Sir,
I have experimented EPPA on the batch of 4000 birds this month and I am pleased to forward my observations to you


Read entire observation

Ranjit Savarkar

Chirantan Farms, At Chasola Post Tokawade Taluka Murbad, Dist Thane

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Enzymes and fatty acid complex

This combination of Enzymes is ideal to improve the nutritional value of your feeds containing different types of cereals (maize, wheat, barley, Jowar etc.) and oilseed meals (Soya, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, GN cake) etc. It is highly useful for digestion of NSPs. This helps the formulator to get extra energy and reduces the problem of GUT VISCOSITY and loose droppings on the farm. Moreover, the fibre digesting Enzymes helps to digest tough fibrous feed ingredients which otherwise remain undigested

Prebiotics (Betaglucans)

These substances enhance immunity titer and offer specific and non specific immunity through reticulo-endothelial system.*They also bind intestinal pathogens and prevent their attachment to the gut. They act as substrate to beneficial lactobacilli to improve intestinal flora (Eubiosis).


Most stable Probiotic, B. subtilis balances gut flora and improves feed conversion ratio .It suppresses the population of clostridia, salmonella and E. coli .On reaching the intestinal tract these bacteria produce enzymes degrading starch (Amylases), degrading proteins(Proteases) and degrading fats (Lipases). Thus the product provides all essential Enzymes at the minimum cost.


Faster growth [ broilers ]

Improved immunity [ Layers ]

Feed Miller

Cost saving


Improved productivity at reduced cost

High volume producers

Incremental returns

Advanced level of efficiency

  • 2 kg / tonne of feed – Body weight
  • 1 kg / tonne of feed – egg production

Packs of 5 kg and 25 kg

Here are observations sent to us by our client Chirantan Farms


M/S Exotic Mushrooms,

Sub : Use of EPPA.

Dear Sir,

I have experimented EPPA on the batch of 4000 birds this month and I am pleased to forward my observations to you.

Feed used : Prestarter – Premium Brand Pre-starter crumbs. mixed with 2 KG EPPA/ Ton, 300 gms/bird

Starter : Made by me, mash type mixed with 2 KG EPPA/ Ton, 700 gms/bird.

Finisher Made by me, mash type mixed with 2 KG EPPA/ Ton, till market.

No antibiotics were given to chicks at any stage. (Not premixed with feed or given with water)

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Active Components

Alpha AmylaseXylanaseCellulasePectinase

Phytase+Bacillus subtilis1x1012CFU/g+ Betaglucans+Linolenic acid (Omega 3)Linoleic acid (Omega 6)Palmitic acidOleic acid

Stearic acid

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