exotic-bird-50Bacillus probiotics are used in poultry production to replace antibiotic growth promoters. Apart from being sporulated, heat-resistant and stable they are also able to produce inhibitory substances (Bacteriocins) that inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Bacillus subtilis and B. amyloliquefaciens are also known for their ability to degrade proteins extra-cellularly.They also produce huge quantity of enzymes that allows the birds to obtain a higher degradability  of the nutrients in the feed.

Oxygen consumption— these aerobic microbes create a more favorable environment for benevolent anaerobic species

Enhanced proliferation of lactobacilli — which in turn produce lactic acid that helps control pathogenic bacteria.

Enzyme production — through release of proteases  and many other enzymes that these germinating and outgrowing spores assist in the food digestion process

Enhanced immune responses

Probiotics stay viable in water for longer duration  Can be used with or without antibiotics  Supports gut health and immune system

Competitive exclusion of pathogenic strains Enhancing the growth and viability of beneficial gut microflora. Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients Production of antimicrobial factors

1 g per 5 litre of drinking water

Do not mix with antimicrobials & water sanitizers

5 billion CFU / g

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