Livestock Problem

Slaughter of Animals

As the population is increasing in India and Pakistan the slaughter of goats, buffalo and cows is increasing day by day. So it has created shortage of animals.

Lack of Grazing Grounds
As the population is increasing land holdings are reducing and people are sowing only food crops instead of grass.

Imperfect Market
The market of milk, ghee is not well organized. The owner of milk giving animals are at mercy of milk sellers. Villages are not connected with the markets by metaled roads, so product is wasted.

Lack of Livestock Farms
We have no well established livestock farms in our region. There is also no arrangement for cattle show in various parts of the country which may encourage the farms.

No Proper Care of Cattle’s
Our farmer is unable to keep the cattle’s in sheds. The animals are facing the extreme cold and hot weather conditions. So these are caught by the various diseases.

Lack of Veterinary Hospitals
In India and Pakistan the facility of hospital is not sufficient for the animals due to this large number of cattle’s die, without treatment.

Low Per Capita Out Put
In South Asia per capita out put is very low as compared to the advanced countries, for example milk giving per capita out put is only 92.9 liter, which is very low.

Lack of Milk Plants
In India and Pakistan milk plants are also not sufficient. There are very few plants in all our the country. So they are not sufficient to process the milk and variety of milk product.

Inferior Quality of Cattle
In India and Pakistan the quality of cows, buffalo are generally inferior and costly. People are not interested to do this business on large scale.

Low Prices of Milk and Milk Products
The prices of milk, ghee and cream are very low in villages. The sellers of milk and ghee are not attracted to increase the milk giving animals. The middle man purchases the product on low rate and sell at high rate.

High Prices of Animals Feed
The price of animals feed is increasing day by day but the rate of output is low. So the owner of cow and buffalo suffers a loss when he compares the price of feed and the prices of the milk.

Prohibition in Cities
Now the government is not allowing the people to keep animals in urban areas. It has also discouraged the people to keep animals in their houses.

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